Franklin Celebrations was created from a love of celebrating ALL THE THINGS!

Welcome to Franklin Celebrations!

I want to help everyone celebrate everything! I truly believe we should celebrate the big and small, milestones and silly things, holidays and the good teacher reports! Lets celebrate ALL THE THINGS!!

I started making balloon garlands during COVID in May 2020. I made one for my best friend’s drive-by birthday and she posted about it on our neighborhood Facebook group. The following week was COVID-style graduations and parent wanted something extra to make their celebrations extra special and I made over 20 garlands! Because of balloons, it has lead me into curating flowers for baby showers, helping coordinate venues, contacting bakeries and catering, and so much more!


It puts a smile on my face everyday to see all the love and support I have received since starting Franklin Celebrations! I truly have the best friends, family and clients that have made Franklin Celebrations such a success!! THANK YOU!!!